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To The Beach

Another Touché saga.

Touche & Mona At The Beach - photograph by David Crellen
Touche & Mona At The Beach - photograph by David Crellen
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“Wanna go to the beach?”

That’s all Dad has to say. My sister, Mona, and I knew just what that means.

“Whoopee!” Our ears perk up. “Let’s go, Mona.”

On our wayImmediately, we’re at the front door where Dad is standing with our leashes in his hand. Out the door we go, and into the back of Dad’s “dogmobile” we jump. We love the dogmobile because the rear window is an open space with a bar to protect us. But we can stick our heads out and enjoy the terrific wind flapping our ears.

At each traffic light stop, we see people in the car behind us laughing and waving at us! Oh what fun.

After a while, we crest the hill. Before us lies the vista of the entire Pacific Ocean. But most importantly, we instantly take in the crisp, salty scent of the beach.

“Oh, Touché, I can’t wait,” Mona yipped, her eyes wide as saucers. “Big waves, tennis balls, and all the holes we can dig!”

I barked in agreement, pressing my nose against the window as the salty sea air filled my nostrils. “Mona, I bet I’ll fetch more tennis balls than you!”

She scoffed, “In your dreams, little brother!”

Got the ballDespite being twins, Mona had this knack of calling me ‘little brother’ just because she was born a whole two minutes before me! But I didn’t mind. It was all in good fun, and besides, today was Beach Day!

That scent must trigger uncontrollable anticipation in Mona and me because we howl, scream, bark, jump up and down.

Dad chuckled from the driver’s seat, glancing at us through the rearview mirror. “Easy, you two. We’re almost there. Get ready for some big waves!”

Mom and Dad used to yell at us to stop howling, but now they look at each other and smile because they know that we love the beach so much and can’t wait to get there.

The word “waves” sent shivers down my spine, and I could hardly wait. My paws itched to run along the shoreline, chasing after the white, foamy waves, and my nose was eager to explore all the new scents buried in the sand.

Finally, the car slowed down, and I could hear the unmistakable sound of the sea, its rhythmic melody calling to me. Mona and I burst out as Dad opened the car door, racing towards the beckoning beach.

“Oh, Touché, look at those waves! They’re huge!” Mona exclaimed, her eyes sparkling with excitement.

I barked in agreement, feeling the sand beneath my paws and the wind in my fur. “Race you to the water!”

Mona and I sprinted towards the waves with a playful growl, our barks blending with the sound of the sea. The water was cool around my paws, and I leaped over the little waves, feeling the thrill of what was to come.

Dad was right behind us, a big smile and tennis balls in his hand. “Ready, Doggies? Go fetch!” And with a strong throw, he sent the first tennis ball flying into the big waves further out. The fun begins here because it’s deep, and we must swim hard.

Mona was fast, but I was faster! I darted forward, my eyes on the prize, but a big wave came, and the ball disappeared into the giant wave I could see. The water splashed around me, the sea roaring in approval. I plunged into the surf, feeling the water overwhelm me, and emerged victorious with the tennis ball! … Wow!

“Good boy, Touché!” Dad cheered, petting my soaken fur.

Meanwhile, not to be outdone, Mona was ready for the next throw. This time, Mom threw the ball. Mona was quicker, and despite the big wave trying to hide the ball, she found it and brought it back, her tail wagging proudly.

We took turns chasing after tennis balls, racing against the waves. Finally, we stopped. Mom and Dad spread out a blanket on the sand and sat down. I guess they were tired, but we Doggies weren’t. But I think we both looked like drenched rag dolls. At least that’s how Mona looked.

Diggin to ChinaMona began digging in the sand. Furiously!

“Mona, are you trying to get to China?” yelled Mom. I think Mom was upset because the sand was flying onto the blanket.

“Touché, help me here!” Mona called, her paws working furiously on a particularly stubborn patch of sand. “I think there’s something big!”

Eagerly, I joined her, our paws digging in tandem, sand flying everywhere. And then, my paw hit something hard. “Mona, we found it!”

Together, we unearthed a huge, shiny seashell, its surface gleaming in the sunlight. Mona and I exchanged proud glances – we made quite the team!

Dad laughed, taking a picture of us with our treasure. “Good job, you two! What a find!”

At the beachAfter we had lunch (Mona and I had bone treats that were hard to eat because sand kept getting in our mouths), Dad grabbed his camera and took me for a walk along the beach below the cliffs. Meanwhile, Mom threw balls in the other direction for Mona.

We didn’t go far before we heard Mom yelling to Mona, “Mona. Wait! Stop! Don’t cross that line!”

Dad looked back and saw Mom running down the beach, Still yelling.

So we did the same and took off after Mom.

We finally caught up and saw Mom holding Mona. She was arguing with a man who was dressed very strangely. He wasn’t in a bathing suit. He was wearing pants, shoes, and a funny hat. His shirt was decorated with funny-looking things that I later learned were badges.

Mom seemed to be arguing with this man who was writing something on a pad of paper.

“What’s the Problem?” Dad asked the man.

“This dog is not on a leash,” he said.

“But Mona was just chasing the ball that I threw too hard,” cried Mom.

“Well, she crossed the leash-free” line, so I have to give you a ticket.”

Mom and the man continued to argue, but he was not relenting. So, sadly, we all turned back to “our side of the line,” as the man told us. But Mona had a ticket that cost Mom $75!”

Dog BeachI heard Mom and Dad saying that, at least, San Diego has many leash-free beaches, which other places do not have. Mona and I look at each other and ask ourselves, “Why do we ever need leashes? We won’t do anything wrong.”

Well, we got back to our blanket. Mom and Dad opened a bottle of wine. We just had a pan of water. But we all forgot the somber time as Mona began frantically digging again. I finally realized that she wasn’t digging for China. She was digging to bury MY ball!”

The sun began its descent, painting the sky orange and pink, but Mona and I were far from tired. The beach was our playground, and every wave and every grain of sand was an adventure waiting to happen.

“Touché, race you to that big wave!” Mona challenged, her eyes gleaming with mischief.

And off we went, racing against each other, against the wind, towards the biggest wave we could see, but Dad called us back. “Touché, Mona, time to go home!”

Reluctantly, we left our beloved beach, the waves, and the sand, but our hearts were full of joy. The car ride back was quiet; exhausted but happy, Mona and I flopped fast asleep.

Finally, at home, Dad smiled, patting our heads. “You two had fun, didn’t you?”

Mona and I looked at each other, our tired eyes sparkling with shared memories of a day well spent. In unison, we barked, our voices filled with gratitude and love.

Yes, it was a day to remember – a day of big waves, tennis balls, digging in the sand, and, most importantly, a day with Mom and Dad and each other at the beautiful beach.


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