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Touché And The Robin

This story is dedicated to my Brittany family: Touché, Mona (Touché’s sister), Tango, Lexie, & Finley.

Please don't eat me. I'm frightened." cried the little bird in Touche's mouth. "Put me down! Put me down!"


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Touché And The Robin

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America’s Competitive Edge
How to smoothly adapt the metric system

This is a reflective commentary on America's resistance to adopting the metric system, using Japan's post-war innovation and adaptation as a juxtaposition. It recounts Japan's successful transition to self-sufficiency in various industries, which played a significant role in its rise to become a major economic power. The text suggests that America's reluctance to convert to the metric system, despite the practical benefits demonstrated by other countries, is a form of self-inflicted isolation that limits its competitiveness in the global market.

The author proposes a novel approach to easing the United States into metrication through the use of 'similes' – approximate conversions of imperial measurements to metric ones, which retain the familiarity of the imperial system while bridging the gap to the metric standard. For instance, the author suggests renaming a meter as a "yarder," a quarter meter as a "footer," and a tenth of a footer as an "incher," with the use of a caret…Read the full Blog

Artificial Rules – artwork by DALL•E

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The Hunt - photo by David Crellen at Mission Trails, San Diego, CA

Touché On The Hunt

Exciting environments are my lifestyle. Sports like playing ball, swimming, running, hurdle…

Touche & Mona At The Beach - photograph by David Crellen

To The Beach

“Wanna go to the beach?” That’s all Dad has to say. My sister, Mona, and I knew just what…


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Who wins in America? And who loses in America?

Ponder by: David

Who wins? The PAC fund managers, the lobbyists,  bankers are all WINNERS
Who Loses? We citizens are the LOSERS
Since when? Since 1775

About Me

I am David Crellen …

David Crellen… I loved photography and dreaming since childhood
… and I loved dogs, travel, food and wine since adulthood

I cut my teeth in Boston, MA for my first seventeen years of life. For the next twelve years I enjoyed traveling and working around the world. I then finally grew up - sorta - in San Diego – But I never stopped traveling, working and enjoying life! 

My life had legs – One leg was practical with a sense of responsibility. The other was foot loose and fancy free.. That’s what made my life exciting and adventurous – yet, without killing myself.  …  read more