July 2025 Avoiding the meltdown


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She Flew the Flue
A bird fell down my chimney

June 1: She Flew The Flue.

It all started late yesterday afternoon when a crazy-weird noise emanated from the TV, It sounded like someone was stumbling and thumping in a metal duct. Finley was immediately up and at ’em — staring at the TV. .

… But the TV was not on! …

Actually, the crazy noise was coming from the fireplace situated directly behind the TV. The thumping came with a lot of chirping! Turns out that a bird fell down the chimney!

June is busting out all over

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Apple Intelligence Has Yet To Really Expose Itself!

Apple, of course, had a lot to show off on Monday. It was like introducing an exciting new sports car. They had to show off the style: how the revolutionary fender design cut the airflow, how the revolutionary paint protects from the sun and vastly improves the mileage. Plus, the breathtaking acceleration and speed. And don’t forget the competition-beating, impossible mileage.

There was no way the audience could absorb the miracle that hovers under the hood. This will take many more hopeful presentations.

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Apple Intelligence

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The Hunt - photo by David Crellen at Mission Trails, San Diego, CA

Touché On The Hunt

Exciting environments are my lifestyle. Sports like playing ball, swimming, running, hurdle…

Touche & Mona At The Beach - photograph by David Crellen

To The Beach

“Wanna go to the beach?” That’s all Dad has to say. My sister, Mona, and I knew just what…


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Material World

We humans are too materialistic.
Thought by: David Crellen

Material World photoart by David Crellen

Why do we humans look at life so materialistically? 

What is material? Material is nothing but the other side of… … view

About Me

I am David Crellen …

David Crellen… I loved photography and dreaming since childhood
… and I loved dogs, travel, food and wine since adulthood

I cut my teeth in Boston, MA for my first seventeen years of life. For the next twelve years I enjoyed traveling and working around the world. I then finally grew up - sorta - in San Diego – But I never stopped traveling, working and enjoying life! 

My life had legs – One leg was practical with a sense of responsibility. The other was foot loose and fancy free.. That’s what made my life exciting and adventurous – yet, without killing myself.  …  read more